1988 - 1992  
The company set up a full trading office in August 1988. With 24 people specializing in woven bottoms, we managed the production in Philippines and exported to USA market.
1992 - 1995  
The company expanded to high-end apparels of wider categories including outerwear, blouses, shirts, infants and children wears. Our enthusiasm and commitment to the business had driven us to new countries like Sri Lanka and Vietnam. At the same time, we were able to add Japan and Europe into our servicing countries.
1995 -2000  
A wholly owned wet processing plant was established in Vietnam. The plant started full operation in November 1995. The plant was equipped with its own laboratory and environmental protection system. Over the past 5 years it had been recognized as one of the best of its kind in Asia.

The group and all our factories had taken up "Business Social Responsibilities", operating in full compliance with codes of safety, health, human rights and environmental protection.

We expanded our market to USA, Canada, Europe and Japan. With 120 staff and 208 workers, we are now managing factories in Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Madagascar.

SINCE 2000  
Well equipped with hi-tech order processing system, we are entering the new decade with e-commerce implementation. The system allows us to cope with the fast growing needs of supply chain management from order placement, cut demands, bar code labeling program to advance shipment notice, all through electronic data interchange.
In 2002 Fabric Lab and Sample Room moved to Shen Zhen, China. All works relating to shrinkage performance, shade verification, skewness test, visual inspection, sample development, washing development, consumption control, CAD system grading and marker making are being done in the Sha Tou Jail office. 
Product Development Department was created in 2004, this section is involving in sourcing and consolidate new fabric, styling details, collecting fabrics and the most update information from different resources.

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